Hettie's Garden Vineyard, Windsor, Virginia 23487

Hettie's Garden Vineyard,  A Grape Escape, Come on out and pick your own grapes August thru October.

 Muscadine American grape, a form of Vitis vulpina, found in the Southern Atlantic States, and often cultivated. Known to be very good for human consumption.



As muscadine grapes are notable for their highly pigmented, thick skins in which the content of polyphenols is known to be high,[1] research interest in describing these phytochemicals is significant.


Anti-cancer evidence

As one of nature's richest sources of polyphenolic antioxidants,[1] muscadines have been studied for their potential health benefits which include preliminary evidence for effects against cancer mechanisms. To date, in vitro studies have shown positive effects of muscadine phenolics against blood, colon and prostate cancers.[16][17][18]







Types of Grapes Grown Here At Hettie's Garden Vineyard... Scuppernongs, Muscadines, Concords, Red Seedless.

Hettie's Garden Vineyard, A Grape lovers Escape to a deliciously healthy field of fruit located in the rurals of Isle of Wight County ,Va. where you could ;
pick the Perfect Peach or discover the taste of fresh Figs and even pull a Pomegranate....But most of all, you will ENJOY the beauty and the bounty of the Vineyard
Come visit us and Pick Your Own

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Hettie's Garden - A Grape Lover's Escape!


Victor Taylor

Location 21102 Orbit Road Windsor, Virginia 23487 Contact: Vic 757-636-2105

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